The Science behind Psychometric Gaming

Tell me about you

We believe that gaming is the best way to humanise the recruiting process on a mass scale, and create a positive transformational impact on business results and candidate lives. This is what drives us as individuals and the development of our services.

What do you offer?

Owiwi offers an online talent assessment and talent pool management platform. We use gamified Situational Judgement Test methods to provide the most effective way for businesses to attract, identify and select the best millennial talent.

Who are Millennials?

We define Millennials as people born in the 1980’s. Millennials grew up with the Internet and the boom of mobile communications. Studies show that in average Millennials spent 10,000 hours of their life in gaming.

Am I at the right place?

Owiwi services are for HR Directors / Hiring Managers, Recruiting Agencies and Individual candidates.

What do I buy from you?

We offer 3 different packages of soft-skill assessments that can be bought and managed online via a dedicated dashboard. Currently the soft-skills we offer are resilience, flexibility, adaptability and decision-making.

What is a soft skill?

Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, career prospects and job performance.  Unlike hard skills, which tend to be specific to a certain type of task or activity, soft skills are broadly applicable.

Which soft skills can I test?

Currently, Owiwi can test Resilience, Adaptability, Flexibility, and Decision-Making. More skills are developed on a 6-month basis. Let us know if there is a skill you would like seen assessed.

Why are these skills important?

Resilience, Adaptability, Flexibility, and Decision Making have been chosen as they reflect the persona of a candidate that can operate and thrive in a challenging, resource-poor environment.

How do you define resilience?

In non-organizational contexts, resilience is defined as  “a class of phenomena characterized by patterns of positive adaptation in the context of significant adversity or risk” (Masten & Reed, 2002, p. 75).

In an organizational context, resilience is defined as “the developable capacity to rebound or bounce back from adversity, conflict, and failure or even positive events, progress, and increased responsibility” (Luthans, 2002, p. 702).

In other words, resilience refers to a dynamic process encompassing positive adaptation within the context of significant adversity.

How do you define adaptability?

The majority of researchers agree “adaptability is related to change and how people deal with it; that is to say, people’s adjustment to changing environments” (Hamtiaux, Houssemand, & Vrignaud, 2013, p. 130).

How do you define flexibility?

Flexibility is defined as the capacity to adapt (Golden & Powell, 2000). “Employee behavior flexibility represents adaptable as opposed to routine behaviors; it is the extent to which employees possess a broad repertoire of behavioral scripts that can be adapted to situation-specific demands” (Bhattacharya, Gibson, & Doty, 2005, p.624).

How do you define decision-making?

Decision-making is defined as an intellectual process leading to a response to circumstances through selection among alternatives (Nelson 1984). Competent decision making requires several key skills including the ability to understand information, integrate information in an internally consistent manner, identify the relevance of information in a decision process, and inhibit impulsive responding. Performance on these skills is expected to reflect the degree of congruence between characteristics of the decision maker and the demands of the task and context (Finucane et al., 2005).

How does Owiwi perform the hiring assessment process?

Owiwi combines serious gaming and psychometric science to bring forward a revolutionary recruitment tool that allows employers to look into the soft skills or interpersonal capabilities of potential hires. A job candidate plays the game and is presented with different scenarios and challenges where they have to make certain choices along the way. Every decision and action is recorded and aggregated to produce a comprehensive soft skills report that provides organizations with rare insights into the interpersonal competencies of an applicant.

What kinds of assessments does the game accomplish?

The game’s analytical report provides an assessment of the candidate/player’s soft skills or interpersonal qualities and characteristics. Currently, Owiwi’s proprietary algorithm is able to measure soft skills such as Resilience, Adaptability, Flexibility and Decision-Making.

We also plan on adding to these roster of skills to include Teamwork, Creativity, Leadership, Accountability, Time and Crisis Management, Ethics/Integrity, Patience, and Self-Confidence.

Why does Owiwi focus on soft skills?

Compared to hard skills which are technical, teachable and quantifiable; soft skills are more innate and reflective of an individual’s work values. Some candidates may possess the necessary technical skills, but without interpersonal capabilities, the most ideal candidate may turn out to be bad hire in the long run. For some organizations, the failure to attract employees with the right soft skills have already resulted in huge hiring expenses and losses. Owiwi aims to provide a soft skills assessment to identify whether a potential hire is a good match for a specific company, in terms of organizational values, culture, and structure.

Can Owiwi work only with specific kinds of organizations or companies?

The Owiwi psychometric assessment tool is engineered to work with almost all kinds and sizes of organizations, from start-ups and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations and job agencies.

Do I need to have a system in place in my organization before I can use Owiwi?

One of the competitive advantages of the Owiwi assessment tool is its fluidity and ease of use. You don’t need to install a complex system before you can start using it. This makes Owiwi an excellent tool for organizations of every size; whether yours is a start-up or a thriving, established MNC.

How does Owiwi improve brand recognition and empowerment?

As a game-based assessment platform, Owiwi offers an efficient, accurate, and innovative way for your organization to spot the most ideal hires. Moreover, it serves as an exciting and engaging way for talents to participate in your recruitment process.

Millennials, who are expected to enter the job-hunting milieu in the coming years, are known to respond well to innovation and efficiency. As millennials continue to fill up the job market, you want to make sure that your organization is able to attract the best talents of this generation.

How do I know which package fits my company best?

We offer different packages that are able to administer a specific number of assessments. Thus, you can choose from any of our existing packages, depending on the specific needs of your organization. In the event that our existing offers cannot cater to your organizational requirements, we can devise a custom quote to ensure that you get the best possible benefits from the Owiwi platform.

Can Owiwi replace an organization’s existing HR tools?

Given that our psychometric tool is designed to measure soft skills, it can serve as an excellent complement to other HR tools already in place in your organization. If you are looking for a tool that specifically looks at soft skills, however, Owiwi is the app for you.

In what way does Owiwi appeal to Millennials?

Millennials are the next generation of talents entering the job market. Many of these millennials prefer a more immersive, engaging, and modern approach when it comes to recruitment, and gamified assessments, such as those offered by Owiwi, provide just that. The ability of an organization to attract the right people, many of whom will belong to this generation of millennials can also be determined by the kind of tools that a company employs to assess prospective hires. Owiwi’s game-based psychometric tests are an effective means to attract the most ideal applicants and, ultimately, the best people for your organization.

What if a potential hire does not play virtual games?

The usability of our tool is not dependent on any prior gaming experience. Moreover, it does not seek to measure the speed with which the player has completed the game. The developers at Owiwi have taken care to ensure that the tool is easy to use, simple to navigate, and produces a clear, easily understandable analytical report. Players are adequately guided by concise and straightforward instructions before the start, during, and at the end of the game. Finally, the manner or speed by which an individual plays the game does not in any way affect the actual measurement of his/her soft skills.

Is there an assurance of a 100% success rate when hiring talents through Owiwi?

Although Owiwi aims to be as accurate and efficient as possible, we, or any other psychometric testing provider for that matter, cannot guarantee a 100% success rate when it comes to the hiring of individuals. There are other factors that come into play when it comes to hiring success, such as the individual’s career aspirations and the organizations unique culture. Nonetheless, Owiwi provides an excellent platform for talents to illustrate their strengths and their overall ability to contribute to any company or organization.