We Give A FAQ

As an antidepressant

Use the keyboard. With your hands, unless you have agile feet.

Nothing’s free. Still you are free to choose a cheap plan

It is a more fun and more accurate way to evaluate candidates’ general mental ability, problem-solving traits, reasoning and soft skills.

Owiwi is GDPR-compliant, and your data stay encrypted in a fully secure environment. We also have an in-house legal team. If all else fails, which we doubt, we have got a very angry and vengeful ninja cat.

Yes of course, but why would anyone want to leave the most fun game ever?

You buy the best recruitment tool that helps you find the right person for the job. In the form of a game that everyone loves. This is priceless.

Hard skills which are technical, teachable and quantifiable; soft skills are more innate and reflective of an individual’s work values. Some candidates may possess the necessary technical skills, but without interpersonal capabilities, a seemingly ideal candidate will be a bad hire in the long run. You want to find a good match for your team and company, not a match that will set it on fire.

No. A computer and a moderate wi-fi connection will do. One of our main competitive advantages is that we are versatile and easy to use.

Our psychometric tool is designed to measure soft skills. This means that we work alongside your other HR tools and help increase their accuracy and judgment while saving you time-and money.

The usability of our tool is not dependent on any prior gaming experience. Moreover, it does not seek to measure the speed with which the player has completed the game. The tool is easy to use, simple  to navigate, and produces a clear, easily understandable analytical report.

The only thing that has a 100% success rate in the world is death. Although we have built a super accurate and efficient tool, neither we, nor any other psychometric testing provider for that matter, cannot guarantee a 100% success rate when it comes to the hiring of individuals. We can, however, guarantee that 100% of people playing the game, loved it.