Exploring and Unlocking
Everyone’s Full Potential

Owiwi uses gamification to enhance the recruitment experience, turning it into a skill-revealing journey of self-knowledge.

As an employer, you know that candidate screening takes its toll on time, money, and your nervous system. Owiwi’s method takes less time, costs less money and offers more in-depth reports of prospective candidates. 

That’s why we built a tool to replace the boring and old-school assessment methods of yesterday.


Recruiting is not a game.
But our game is recruiting.

Your journey through the Isles of the Shroud has begun…

Along the adventure, you will face trials, dilemmas and crises.
This is where your situational judgment will be needed and your traits will be tested.

Immerse yourself in the captivating cinematics, engaging narrative,
appealing artwork and realistic soundscape.

Each island hides its own secrets. Every task demands a different decision.
Every move you make, every step you take,
we’ll be watching your skills unravel at their full potential.




Decision Making


Work Ethic

Learning Agility




We care about data as much as you do. That’s why our insights are data-driven.

Our reports are fully dynamic. Our evaluation is based on the choices candidates make as they play through the game.

Each report analyzes candidates’ traits and behaviors, including an overview of the eight key soft skills:

Sample Report
File size: 4mb


Cutting-edge situational judgement tests

Fully validated and accurate scientific reports.

Self-calibrating algorithms to keep up-to-date.


  1. Register and activate your Owiwi account.

  2. Explore our intuitive dashboard.

  3. Create new assessment campaigns, set deadlines and invite candidates to play the game.

  4. Gain insights into candidates skills through our automated reports and norms.

  5. Manage your talent pool effortlessly and find your next hire!

  1. Invite candidates through the platform to play the game.

  2. Along the way, they will solve various dilemmas helping to shape a comprehensive soft skills profile.

  3. When the game is finished, candidates receive personalized feedback on their results.

  4. Candidates can share their experience on Social Media or upload their Certificate of Completion on Linkedin.



Middle Level

Senior Level

Whether you are a small, medium or enterprise business,
Owiwi introduces the most effective way to screen more people, more accurately, in less time.


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