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Recruiter Testimonials

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  • Constantinos Calogirou


    left-quoteOwiwi are doing a terrific job turning a dull process into an attractive challenge, bundling advanced psychological analysis with a pleasant gaming experience to deliver powerful insight into people’s capabilities and behaviour drivers. right-quote



  • Alexandra Choli

    Founder & Executive Director

    left-quoteOwiwi offers a cutting-edge approach to recruitment and team assessment overall.The tool helped us tap into inner aspects of each participant's personality and skills during our evaluations, while the in-depth reports we received from the Owiwi team solidified our decision-making.right-quote


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Through the merging of psychometric knowledge and gamification, Owiwi revolutionizes the way you find the best possible candidate. It highlights soft skills and downplays the time it takes to identify a good hire. Hiring managers will have their mind at ease knowing that our Scientific process is backed by the latest research; giving them the opportunity to focus on other important recruitment tasks that require their attention.