Being one of the richest languages in the world, the Greek language has many words that don’t exist in other languages. One of these words is “μεράκι” (read as “meraki”).  It means to do something with passion, with absolute devotion and with undivided attention. No matter how difficult a task, it is done with all your effort, with enthusiasm, with eagerness, with complete love; it is done with all your heart, a labour of love, so to speak. But why do we mention this?
Well, that’s exactly how Owiwi was “born”. Created with “meraki”, Owiwi is basically a child of our founders. That’s the reason our customers love it! 🙂
No no, we are not narcissistic and we are not exaggerating. Our customers speak for us! Roughly 90% of the feedback we get is positive. Well and we could be anything else, but proud. Having said that, we would like to share feedback of our users to reveal what they have to say about our product. But first, let us remind you what exactly we are doing in Owiwi.
Owiwi Blog - Customers Feedback

What is Owiwi about?

When creating Owiwi we combined something that from the first sight seems unreal. Basically, we transformed the traditional and boring recruitment experience into something unique for all involved! We created a video game that lets you discover your soft skills while playing it.
From one side, the purpose of the game is to help companies identify stellar performers and reduce the risk of a bad hire by providing valuable insights into prospective candidates’ soft skills.
While from the other side, Owiwi helps candidates to discover their true talents. We know that people are more than their CV show, but its hard to really show that. That’s why at Owiwi we always provide feedback to help you showcase your strong points and work on your areas of improvement!

What do our users say about us?

Owiwi Blog - Customers Feedback

Quite positive, right? So why don’t you try it yourself? Regardless of which side you are on, an employer or a job seeker. Whoever you are, you will definitely win by playing/having Owiwi. Either you will get an in-depth picture of your soft skills and you will know what you have to work on. Or you will discover a tool that will transform your HR strategy and improve your ROI.
Go ahead & PLAY NOW! 
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